10+ Posts That Explains Why Dogs Are Smart And Not Smart At The Same Time

We are proud of the things our furry companions can do. They can learn and perform tricks, protect the house, follow instructions, and steal treats, all with an unbeatable enthuse. Dog parents never tire of showing off these skills when people come over. At the same time, our doggos can sometimes (frequently) act a bit stupid (quite a lot). Even the smartest ones end up making us laugh like crazy with their not-so-smart antics.

Enjoy scrolling through these dogs on Twitter!

#1. Is There a Pie Portal We Don’t Know About?

#2. Must End the White-Floaty Thingies!


#3. The Pigeon’s Next Visit Won’t Be Pretty

#4. “I Have to Save My Silly Hooman”

#5. He’s Not Giving Up on the Dog-God

#6. Guess That’s How It’s Going to Be

#7. The Lunch Thief

#8. Doggos Getting Smarter Than Us

#9. Flying Foxes Can Imprint a Lasting Impression

#10. Horror Shower

#11. Bush Bearing Buns

#12. Finding Middle Ground

#13. Not Dog, I’m Mop

#14. Think About It

#15. Lasagna in the Graveyard

#16. Smart Sledder


#17. Celeb Dog Enjoying the Fame

These lovely dogs show us that real happiness lies in the little things!


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