10+ Dogs Who Know How To Be Better Than Boyfriends

Boys finally have a challenge ahead of themselves.

Because what you are going to see in this post might convince your girl that dogs are way cuter and better than guys. These dogs showed their love for their female owners in such adorable ways; I don’t think any man can top that.

The images below are definitely an alarm for boys to step up their game and show their girls something special or this might already win their hearts in one go.

#1 This dog certainly knows that sometimes all you need is to lay down with each other and watch a good Redbox Movie.

radarzmom / Via reddit.com

#2 Something sweeter than a good breakfast? This adorable send-off.

babygirle / Via Twitter: @babygirIe

#3 This dog is completely honest with his feelings and keeping it real

lowkeyclutch / Via Twitter: @lowkeyclutch

#4 The dog who supports you endlessly

reginavanilla / Via Twitter: @reginavanilla

#5 Giving pace is important but looking at you is important as well.

kjprete / Via instagram.com

#6 This one loves posing for memorable pictures.

my_aussie_gal / Via instagram.com

#7 He can do anything for cuddling.


#8 Look at your girl the way that dog is looking at her owner. Right into the eyes.

ladymlw / Via instagram.com

#9 You finally have someone to enjoy your Saturday morning yoga with. In fact, he will enjoy as much as you do.



#10 They will show their love for you anytime anywhere. They will drool at you and be proud.




#11 They can do anything to please you. Even if it is unnecessary safety measures.

sydneyleroux / Via Twitter: @sydneyleroux

#12 You will definitely win “best costume.”

brittwong / Via reddit.com

#13 He won’t stop kissing you until the time you are sure about being loved




#14 This dog is telling how lucky he is to have her

hellenbs / Via reddit.com


#15 Dogs are becoming the real boyfriend goals

brittanyfurlan / Via Twitter: @BrittanyFurlan


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