Dogs are Having a Hard Time Dealing with These Bed Stealing Cats and Someone Has to Do Something About It

  • By Silas
  • January 5, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Doggos are magnificently fun and equally polite.

Shame on you if you have ever used their refined demeanor to your own advantage. You can feel sorry for doing that, but these other creatures feel no remorse. Cats take pleasure in the power they have over confused dogs. Our humble canine companions silently bear it all but this time evil cattos have crossed all limits, and it couldn’t be any funnier!

A dog loves to sleep, and its bed is where it feels the comfiest. Not anymore, it seems, for the cats have struck. This hilarious compilation of cats taking over dogs’ bed will leave you in stitches!

Some of these snapshots give you a glimpse of what happens when the family cat decides to mess with the family dog.

This doggo is looking for help but who dares to stick it up to the cat?


Barking at the cat surely doesn’t help. There is no harm in trying though.


This dog believes in the principle, “An eye for an eye,” so it goes to sleep on the cat’s bed.


The cat loves to rub it in on the dog by stretching and making itself more comfortable.


A dog can be sneaky, but not more than the cat.


What on earth does a dog have to do to get the cat off its bed?!


Alternatively, it could just sleep in whatever space is left.


Dogs are not the only victims here. Cats like dominating humans as well, judging from this comment.



Watch this video to catch this feline villainy in action, and don’t forget to laugh.

We are sure these cats don’t mean any harm. It’s all in good humor, and they don’t really aim for world domination.

Or do they?

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