Hilarious Tweets About Dogs Who Do The Same Thing Every Day Over And Over

Dogs always remember.

A dog will always remember how you treated him. That’s why a dog once traveled miles just to bite its owner who abandoned him. And for the same reason, a dog will wag its tail and follow you everywhere if you feed him once. Dogs deeply observe our behavior and this helps them to remember us.

Sometimes, it’s not even about us. Dogs love to do whatever keeps them on their toes. They will continue to do the same thing every single day as long as it keeps them entertained and happy. To our luck, their everyday shenanigans result in hilarious photos like the ones below.

Scroll on below and take a look at these funny tweets that we have gathered for you. These dogs never get tired of doing the same thing every day and honestly, we don’t get tired of watching them either.

Check out these tweets below and enjoy!

Source: Twitter

#1 Where’s my lamb?!

She honestly just wants to eat more meat. If you just give it to her, she wouldn’t have to do this anymore.

#2 Must have more lasagna.

What I am learning is dogs are always hungry and will do anything to get a bit more treats.

#3 Bring back the mouse!

Did Charlie wanted to kill it or make it a friend?

#4 Who would say no to bread rolls?

#5 Must keep an eye out.

‘I am trying to keep you safe from all the pigeons, hooman!’

#6 Come out, come out, wherever you are…

And he will continue to go to that tree until the day he is too old to do that.

#7 Straight from the heavens.

#8 One must never give up.

Damn, That is known as commitment.

#9 Look at those puppy dog eyes…

I mean look at that face! Who wouldn’t give this good boy a treat?

#10 Hot chips first, soccer later.

He just wants some delicious hot chips.

#11 Don’t you dare come here again, pussy cat!

Awe, this is just sad. I hope she finds her true love soon.

#12 The legendary bush.

‘I am sure there must be more pie in this bush. What are you standing there for? Help me find the pie hooman!’

#13 Because, why not?

So as it turns out dogs would mostly repeat their actions when it comes to food. Honestly, it’s not like humans can’t relate to that. Does your dog have a similar habit? Let us know in the comments below. And don’t forget to share it with your friends.

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