10+ Purrfect Dogs Who Were Raised By Cats And Might Meow At You

  • By Asad Tipu
  • November 26, 2017
  • 2 minutes read

Dogs and cats are very different creatures.

And as such, when there are cats behaving like dogs and dogs behaving like cats, it’s very fascinating. For example, if you call out your dog’s name, he’ll come bounding after you. But if you call out your cat’s name, they’ll ignore you even if you’re being murdered. That’s just how the animals are!

Now imagine the opposite happens. You call your dog’s name, and they don’t even turn to look at you. Whereas you call your cat’s name, and they come pit-pattering all the way to you!

These dogs act like cats, because they were most likely raised by one. You can tell by their antics. Just look.

#1 Balanced husky.

#2 Fence walk.

#3 Dog in a box.

#4 Kitty cuddles.

#5 Roommate.

#6 Even the cats are confused.

#7 The cat looks so done.

#8 Protect the fish.

#9 The watchful guardian. The silent protector.

#10 Up there for the view.

#11 Roomies.

#12 Shiba in a box.

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