10+ Dogs Who Are Absolutely Ready For Halloween

You ready for Halloween?

I bet you are. But are you as ready as these pups are? Because they look super ready. They even have their goth-esque costume all ready. Complete with the black and scary spoopiness.

And I know traditional Halloween costumes are meant to be scary, but have you seen these puppers? They’re too cute. No amount of black or bones is going to change that.

Source: ModernDogMagazine

#1 Rusty.

Mary Ann

#2 Sophie.


#3 Kasper Boo

Rita V

#4 Axl


#5 Blue.

Eleanor, @ladyandthesquanch

#6 Thumbelina.

Skye R

#7 Stella.


#8 Sully Huskey.

Danica H

#9 Leon.

Kim and Vincent M

#10 Maggie May & Cali Rose


#11 Spartacus

Rachyl and Joshua

#12 Sapphy


#13 Ratchet and Sproket

Jenn G

#14 Chewy and Daya

Danell R
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