10 Doggo Breeds That Are Pretty Dumb But We Still Love Them

  • By Silas
  • January 7, 2018
  • 5 minutes read

Animals can’t speak. They are all dumb in the sense that they cannot talk like us humans. Don’t ask dog parents to believe this fact though, because they are well convinced that their dogs can speak unless it’s a Basenji. Dogs just speak a different language.

Doggos are quite intelligent creatures. The Internet is home to millions of videos and stories of courageous and skillful dogs achieving spectacular feats. They can learn and perform all kinds of tricks and stunts. So when you see a list that says “dumb dogs,” it doesn’t feel right, right? Actually, this is the other kind of “dumb,” which refers to stupidity and foolishness. Yes, many dogs are intelligent, and yes, all dogs are not the same.


Judging how dumb a dog is has not been done with the intention of insulting them. Instead, it can help dog owners know their dogs better, to understand their weaknesses and strengths. Moreover, this judgment is a result of our own concept of intelligence, and our dogs don’t even care if they lack a bit on the top floor.

What are the Measures to Ascertain How Dumb a Dog Breed Is?

  1. When training them is too difficult. A dog that lacks in intelligence cannot comprehend most of the simple jobs that other dogs perform easily.
  2. When the dog cannot remember a person they have met already, like a neighbor or a friend. They cannot memorize events and scents.
  3. When a dog fails to move around obstacles that they should have got used to, like the furniture around their house. This is due to a lack of sense of direction.
  4. When shadows and squirrels mean the same thing to a dog, it could be dimwitted.
  5. When the dog loves to zone out frequently and sits happily staring at the wall without doing anything.
  6.  When they have difficulty adapting to a new environment, they are dumb.
  7. When the dog doesn’t understand who the master is and considers itself as the alpha, again a lack of brains.

But We Still Love Them!


So what if your dog cannot run an agility course or does not perform neat tricks? Every dog has its own persona and set of talents. Dog parents love them despite their shortcomings.

Dogs without the standard level of intelligence can still be great cuddle buddies, patient learners, and love you wholeheartedly. Not that the smart ones can’t do that, but the dumb ones have something special about them that makes us love them the same, if not more.

The Reason Dogs Turn Out Dumb


Dogs are pack animals, and every pack has a leader. Dumb dogs find their place in these packs too. Their easy-going demeanor keeps them from challenging the alpha. This helps in keeping a pack function consistently and adequately.

Some breeds that are usually dumber than the rest have become that way because of humans. They were bred an inbred to serve as companions for kings and queens. Others were trained for just one trait or skill, like tracking and strength. As these jobs don’t require intelligence, these breeds turned out dumb.

The 10 Dumb Dog Breeds Who Give You Lots of Love


Now for that list that you have been waiting for. Here goes:

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel: Their big eyes and cheerful personality almost fool you into ignoring the fact that they are one of the dumbest breeds in the world. They like to jump around and have fun. Cavaliers are great companions too, as this breed has a royal past. This apparently dimmed their bulbs.
  • Rottweiler: If you have a Rottweiler, you would know how troublesome it is to make them learn simple commands. They have no regard for such sophistication. They’d rather play with you than perform a good boy trick. But, they are the most loyal friends that you can ever have, and their affection for you knows no bounds. So it’s all forgiven.
  • Beagles: You might have seen Beagles performing tricks and following instructions. But the truth is that its learning capabilities are quite limited. They do have an acute sense of smell and help out in airport security. They are family dogs who commit themselves to their humans.
  • Basset Hounds: This comical breed loves to prance around and enjoy life. They can also learn to sniff things out and track scents. However, they find it difficult to adapt to situations that are strange to them.
  • Pekingese: Not only is a Pekingese dog dumb; it can act stubborn too. That makes it hard for its parents to deal with its antics sometimes. And they also tend to think that they own their humans and not the other way round. But nobody can buy their loyalty once they have affirmed it for you.
  • Borzoi: Now this is one noble breed, and it looks like one too. The feline qualities of this dog give it a very pretty face. The only thing that it doesn’t have is more than average IQ. But if you like looking at pretty things and cuddling them, a Borzoi can become your favorite companion.
  • Mastiff: The mastiff takes things to heart pretty quickly so you should steer away from getting angry at one.  Even though training them is a lengthy process, they protect the ones they love with their life.
  • Chow Chow: This is an ancient breed, and it does not understand the concept of having an owner. So training a Chow Chow is an ordeal you don’t wish to go through. It is one big furry cloud of love and your cuddle partner.
  • Bloodhound: These dogs have a great sense of smell too, like Basset Hounds and Beagles. And that’s just about it. Bloodhounds don’t have the knack for other tasks. They make for good companions for a family though and know how to conduct themselves.
  • Bulldog: Laziness is written all over their faces, and Bulldogs don’t like getting trained. On the brighter side, they are funny, affectionate, loyal, and can guard your house.

These dogs are quite similar to babies. They are dumb, but that is what makes them adorable. They trust their human parents and display an unquestionable loyalty towards them. A cartoon called 2 Stupid Dogs showed this perfectly. It ran in the early 90s, and the two dogs in it were quite dumb, which got them into lots of trouble. But the bigger point is that everyone loved them and found them easy to approach.

A smart but proud Poodle or a brilliant but distant Border Collie cannot give you what these dumb dogs can. Find your own dumb side with your stupid dog friend. That is the form of happiness we all need!


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