15 Extinct Dog Breeds That You Probably Don’t Know About

How well do you know your Dog?

If you have a doggo, it’s obvious you know a lot about him. But, there’s a good chance you probably don’t know about the ancestry of your lovely dog. So, today we are presenting you a list of Dog breeds that have gone extinct over the years along with their present-day descendants. So scroll on below and see if your dog is from one of the following kinds and take a look at what they were like in the previous life




Kept by the lesser-ranking nobles, the Happa dog breed is considered to be the ancestor of the modern-day Pug, Pekingese and maybe also the Japanese Chin.

Cumberland Sheepdog


The previously popular dog breed Cucumberland Sheepdog is the ancestor to modern-day Border Colli and Austrailian Shepherd dog breed. It is believed that the Sheepdog swiftly morphed into Border Collis.

Salish Wool Dog


This Wool Dog was bred by the people of Washington and British Columbia as a substitute for Sheep. In summers, they would shave the fur off this cute doggo and use it to make warm blankets.

Hawaiian Poi Dog


The Hawaiian Poi Dogs were found by Polynesian settlers in the 1200s and were considered spiritual animals. These puppers were gifted to infants on birth and were looked upon as protectors. If the dog died before the child, a necklace was made for the child using the dog’s teeth as a symbol of protection.

St. John’s Water Dog


St. John’s Water Dog (Lesser Newfoundland Dog) is the ancestor to today’s Retriever and Newfoundland Dog. The St. John’s Water Dog breed, however, went extinct sometime around the early 1980’s. The last two remaining dogs were male, and so they couldn’t reproduce!

Tahltan Bear Dog


The Tahltan Bear Dogs were bred by the people of Tahltan tribe of the British Columbia. As their name suggests, these dogs were bred to fight against Bears and hunt them, however, they were still friendly and loving towards their owners.



Turnspit were basically the helping dogs. They were a “Kitchen appliance” as they’d run on a wheel that would turn meat and cook it evenly. Also, other than this they would serve as foot warmers in churches. Turnspit’s living descendants today are believed to be Corgis!



Where there’s still some doubt in the certainty of the actual origin of Talbot, many believe that they are either from Frace, England or Belgium. The descendants of Talbot are believed to be modern-day Beagles and Bloodhounds. Apart from all this, Talbots is the only extinct Dog breed that was ever featured in English Coats of Arms and also featured in the logo of a couple of English inns and pubs.

Paisley Terrier


Paisley Terrier is the ancestor of today’s Yorkshire Terrier and Australian Silky Terrier, and the reason why this breed went extinct is that soon people started liking its descendants more and this led to the eventual extinction.

Russian Tracker


The resemblance between this extinct breed and the Golden Retrievers is uncanny! So it’s obvious that the Golden Retrievers are descendants of the Russian Tracker, even though setters and Flat-coated retrievers are closely related as well. Anyway, so the Russian Tracker was popularly known for protecting people living in Caucasus mountains and herding flocks!

Blue Paul Terrier


Today’s Staffordshire Bull Terrier and Pit Bull’s a descendant to the Blue Paul Terrier which was among one of the first dog breeds to arrive in the United States. It was actually a UK native breed that traveled to the US with British immigrants in the mid 19th century. Blue Paul Terrier was a cross between a Terrier and a Bull with other UK native breeds.

English White Terrier


The English White Terrier is the ancestor to today’s Jack Russell Terrier who was later bred with the old English Bulldog that resulted in the present time’s Boston Terrier. English White Terrier was also a British native super playful dog.



Chien-Gris (Gray Dog) goes back all the way to medieval times and were considered royal french dogs as well for some time until 1470. The most prominent feature of Chien-Gris is their rough coat which was inherited by French rough-coated Griffon- modern-day descendants!



Tesem (hunting dog) is closely related to today’s Saluki and Sloughi breeds. One of the earliest Tesem dogs was a royal dog named Akbaru, who was buried with the king Khufu who reigned between 2609–2584 BC.



Bullenbeisser (bull-biter) became extinct due to crossbreeding with the bulldog in an attempt to give birth to today’s dog breed Boxer. The Bullenbeisser was used for bull-baiting and boar-hunting.

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