These Families Met Their Adopted Puppies For The First Time, And It’s Too Cute To Handle

  • By Eva Yong
  • February 4, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

A litter of 11 puppies found a loving and forever home through the genius idea of the Michigan Humane Society.

Detroit experienced a wave of heavy downpours that resulted in a series of flash floods. A stray dog called Raina, and her 11 newborn puppies were caught in the sad event.

A resident heard the soft sounds of crying and whimpering coming from a property nearby and felt that whatever animal making that sound seriously need immediate help.

He called the Michigan Humane Society for aid.

When the Michigan Humane Society reached the location, they found Raina trying to protect her pups by hiding them in a hole.

Michigan Humane Society via YouTube

Raina made sure the hole was deep enough to keep the rainwater from harming the puppers. When the rescuers arrived, the puppers were safely hiding in their temporary hideout.

Many hours were spent trying to convince Raina and her puppers to come out from the hole, and the rescuers eventually got them out of harm’s way. Raina was hesitant at first in letting the rescuers touching her pups, but they were all retrieved at the end.

Michigan Humane Society via YouTube

Raina and her puppers received medical care and vaccinations at the shelter.

The Michigan Humane Society thought it was a good idea to try something new during the adoption process. After they received applications from potential adopters, they then narrowed it down to perfect matches for Raina and her puppers.

Michigan Humane Society via YouTube

After MHS found families that were committed to adopting a dog, they were all invited to the shelter. Each family was rather excited about bringing a new friend home, but the catch was, none of the families knew which pup they’d be bringing back home with them.

The families were given a number that showed the order of where they would be able to pick out their new family member.

Raina and her puppers soon entered the room containing the future adopters, and the families were taken aback by the level of cuteness and loving nature of the puppers.

Everyone in the room was definitely filled with emotion.

The puppers were chosen based on the level of cuteness or level of energy.

Michigan Humane Society via YouTube

The puppers soon found their perfect match with their perfect hoomans, including Raina.

Watch the video below for more emotional and heartwarming moments during the adoption process.

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