10+ Most ‘Ferocious’ Dogs Behind ‘Beware Of Dog’ Signs That Will Scare Your Soul

What comes to your mind when you see a “Beware Of Dog” sign?

Probably a huge, aggressive dog ready to tear off your flesh. Well, let me tell you something; It’s not always like that. It is usually just to scare people away. We know all dogs are good boys. They just need to be treated right.

However, imagine the surprise of seeing an adorable little puppy behind one of these signs. You don’t have to imagine that, we’ll show you.

Source: Youtube Screenshots

#1 They’ll rip you apart.


#2 Look at that tongue!

#3 So small.

#4 I think he’ll show me heaven.

#5 The cat is eviler than the dog.

#6 He will kiss you away!

#7 I’ll be sure to avoid this passage.

#8 I think you’ve got the wrong animal.

#9 Think you can make it?

#10 I’d be scared of the owner too. People are scary.

#11 The cuteness is strong in this one.

#12 As if I need to be told to pet this guy!

#13 Dogs know best.

#14 How to get away with not walking your dog.


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