12-Year-Old Golden Retriever Gets A Floofy Surprise & His Reaction Is Too Wholesome

This old doggo was on Santa’s ‘nice’ list this year

Well, obviously. He’s a Golden Retriever. Do I need to continue?

Cash, the adorable 12-year-old doggerino is not only a Golden, but a lonely one. In 2014 Cash’s sister, Rosie, passed away unexpectedly, leaving him an only pupper. Santa must’ve caught wind this year because Cash received a very long awaited gift – an extraordinary gift, for only the goodest of good boys.


This Christmas Cash’s owners, Jay & Marie Ahonen, decided to surprise their old companion with a little furry partner of his own. They couldn’t even wait until Christmas, so they gave Cash his gift a few days early. If you thought human’s reactions to receiving puppers were cute, you haven’t seen anything yet!

In the video (below) Jay Ahonen walks through the door, holding what looks like a gift wrapped shoe box and sets it down on the floor. But Cash knew better straight away! This old pooch still has his sense of smell!


When they first decided that they were going to get a new pupper, Marie said she figured he’d make an excellent present for the whole family. But “it just kind of piqued in my mind that this will be Cash’s present,” – Source


Cash’s enthusiasm peaks as he sniffs his new-to-be best friend, Jennings. And when the box pops open to reveal his surprise, the old pupper quickly transforms into an excitable, fresh-faced puppy, tail wagging in anticipation.

Best friends at first boop


“He just got so excited and his paws were going a million miles an hour and I’m just so excited, like this is what he needed.”

Cash was so excited and immediately wanted to play with Jennings! But who wouldn’t be itching to befriend this pupper, especially when you’ve got three years of play to catch up on!


Here’s hoping this little dude can keep up with Cash’s antics!

I won’t tease you any longer, check out the full video below, you’ve got to watch this for yourself!



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