10+ Very Good Dog That Are Too Classy To Handle For You

When thinking about dogs, classy isn’t really the term that comes to mind.

After all, these are the same furry creatures that are afraid to poop because they feel vulnerable, so will always, if given the choice, look you in the eye while they drop a deuce on your garden. And yet, they can be trained, they’re well mannered, they have good etiquette, and more importantly- they can sit with royal pompousness if they so wish.

Like these dogs, for example.

They are calm, poised, and tame.


Their paws are folded over each other.

Like patient, elegant little animals.


It makes you wonder whether they do it on purpose and are trained for it

Endlessly patient with their paws over one another.


So sophisticated,

This here, is Max, and he’s watching over the living room.

A husky relaxing on the wooden tiles, like a genteel person.


Pensive, good posture, good expression. Ten out of ten, good boy.

This little doggy has a habit of sitting with his legs crossed.

Classy with a box of markers.

Olive sis by the end of the bed.

This Shiba Inu is so pleased with hihmself.

Her dog is classy and tasteful.

What’re you doing, they ask. Just chillin’, you reply.

This is an emergency, everyone needs to know.

Look at his cute little jumper.

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