10+ Goodest Boys Who Made To Yearbook Photos Of 2018 And Looked Majestic AF

Do you like seeing yourself in the yearbook?

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t? It’s the perfect way of getting a quick flashback of the past year. I mean, you just stare at that one still image of yourself and everything comes back to you. Every achievement, every single moment quickly replays in your head, and you just find yourself blankly staring at the picture as you let it all sink in. While some of us have already been there, there are still people that have yet to experience this.

Anyway, so I’m gonna assume we all have the basic idea what the yearbook is all about. And keeping that in mind today we are going to show you the best yearbook photos of 2018 will all the good bois!

Not sure if you know what I mean but you’ll know soon enough. Scroll down and take a look!

The goodest boy of the year!

Petey, The Therapy Dog.

Meet Murphy, the Service Dog.

Otis Spunkmeister, the good’ol boy.

Pancakes Stone!

Another good boy in his well-deserved spot in the Yearbook.

Just look at him. These Doggos are surely making the Yearbook cooler.

Oh, and what’s this? I didn’t know this place had awesome teachers.

Therapy Dog Molly’s first Yearbook Photo.


Peter the good boy.

Theodore Hoover.

This service dog is cooler than all of them combined!

This one is my personal favorite.

This one as well.

The one with the prettiest smile!

And finally, we have this ultra-cool doggo who’s in the middle of his photoshoot.

So what do you think about these? Do let us know in the comments below!