15 Photos Of Great Danes That Prove They’re Just Giant Puppies


Don’t judge a book by its cover.

This has been hammered into our minds for as long as we can remember, but it is quite true. Especially, when it comes to Great Danes. While this breed was historically used as hunters, times have certainly changed. Yes, I am well aware that they can look quite scary since they can sometimes even tower over a human being on their four legs, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t big softies underneath.

It seems that Great Danes don’t really understand their size and hence love to act like lap dogs and jump towards their master almost crushing them in the process. But hey anything for love, right? So if you were ever thinking of adopting a Great Dane but just needed that final push, I am here to give you that push.

So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 “Dish all the gossip right now, girl!”

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That is one massive dog. -Kaisu Rei

#2 Friendship can conquer all even a ginormous difference.

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When you grow, you will also become big with huge paws. – Hans

#3 Just a little more and you’ll finally reach the feet of that Great Dane.

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A demonstration of the theorem that attitude is not always proportional to size… -Dian Ella Lillie

#4 Yes, this is actually a puppy.

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My god he’s gorgeous!! Regal. -Lyop

#5 When will they understand that they can crush someone’s legs?

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Nobody calls these doggos Okay Danes or So-So Danes. No, they have always been known as Great Danes! And there is definitely a reason for that. You might think it’s because of their huge size but that is not totally true because they also serve as the most kind-hearted and lovable pets you’ll ever meet.

#6 The comparison between a human’s hand and a 4-month-old Dane has left me awe-struck.

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That is only 4 months. imagine how big it will be when it is full grown. -dan

#7 The other dog is gonna have to wait a ‘while’ before he can quench his thirst.

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#8 Gene Simmons is quaking in his boots right now.

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I never actually paid much attention to the tongue of a Great Dane and I am glad that I did not. because it is weirdly scary to look at.

#9 Even if it doesn’t fit, I still sit.

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#10 Just look at that face! How can you say no?

panting dog
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Is that Scooby-Doo? Oh, where are you?

#11 Nothing to see here, just a puddle of Great Dane.

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Quick! Get ice before he completely melts into the ground.

#12 I think the couch is a bit small for him still.

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When my friends children graduated to a twin bed from a crib, the dane got the crib mattress as her “doggie bed”.Pee proof cover and all. -Jilltdcatlady

#13 Who needs a bed when you’ve got a Great Dane?

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This picture is incredibly comforting and soothing. -Hans

#14 That is not a great posture for watching TV.

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I say that while I am sitting hunched over, writing this so not the best person to give that advice.

#15 Just having some fun.

royalty dog
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I think you missed one or two instructions when assembling your doggo kit. -Aileen Cawlfield

Did these make you wanna run out and get a great dane right now? Or do you already have one? Comment down below and let us know.

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