An Awesome Insta Compilation of the Happiest Christmas Doggos Enjoying Festivities

  • By Silas
  • December 29, 2017
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Many years ago Christmas used to be a human-only festival. Not anymore. Now humans include their spirited pets in the festivities as well. Dogs are known for their happy-go-lucky nature, and this shows in large quantities during the Christmas holidays. Add to that the opportunity to show-off your best friend in front of the whole world on social media. Dog parents never get tired of gifting and treating their doggos.

Do the dogs enjoy getting pampered and dressed up in this fashion? The Instagram pictures to follow make it clear that they do love it a lot!

#1. When You Can’t Meet the Real Santa, Pose with the One You Got


#2. Such Aesthetic, Much Wow



#3. These are Definitely Reindeers

#4. It is Pretty Clear Who Ate Most of the Cookies

#5. They’ve Been Good Boys, and Now They Must Await Santa’s Arrival

#6. You’ve Heard of Elf on the Shelf, Now Get Ready for Elf on the… Doggo

#7. Another Dog Trying to Pass Off as a Reindeer


#8. This Beauty is Going to Rock Every Christmas Party


#9. Pupper is Confused Because He Can’t Fly As He had Hoped


#10. A Warmly Wrapped Burrito on a Cold Christmas Noon


#11. When Your Dog is the Best Gift


#12. “Oh! Is it Christmas Already?”

#13. A Husky Wants Nothing But Her Toy

#14. What if Santa Buried the Gifts Somewhere Around Here?


… And that was your dose of Christmas doggos for today!

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