25 Funniest Dog Tweets To Make Your Ruff Day Better

Dogs are just too good for us!

And I’m sure all of us dog lovers will agree with it. We’re honestly blessed to have dogs, and we’re proud to call them our best friends! Their love and loyalty for the owner know no bounds, and they make the best companions. And considering all these things, I think it’s pretty obvious why we love them so much!

And let’s not forget all the cute and silly things they do to make us laugh! They can instantly change our mood just by making a silly face. I mean how great is that? So if you are obsessed with dogs just as much as we are then, you will surely love the following Tweet from owners sharing their precious moments!

Scroll on below and enjoy!


#1 “Are you allowed to have dogs on the bus?”

Where was he hiding that doggo? I just want an answer to that. The nest thing you know he opens his overcoat and it’s filled with chihuahua’s. I’d actually love that.

#2 “The usual?”

#3 “Bitch smiles at a dog but won’t look me in the eye.”

THIS! This right here is the reason many people prefer pets over other human beings. Pets love you unconditionally and will never use abusive language towards you party because they can’t speak.

#4 Phone gallery.

#5 Doesn’t seem stupid to me!

I’m thinking, the dog is gonna be pleased with the new jeans. After all, everyone needs at least two pairs of jeans in their closet.

The dog answer would probably be ‘Woof woof, ruff.’

#6 My eyes are up here.

#7 I think he meant the other background

#8 Where’s the dog?

The dog is more important than his life. How could the fireman not get that?

#9 Priorities.

#10 Happens every time.

Many people are on tinder just so their dogs can have playdates and honestly, that’s a mood.

#11 I’d do that too.

#12 Feelings are mutual here.

#13 This is hilarious.

It would be a bit weird but nobody is stopping so why the heck not?

#14 Better plans.


That may not sound like much but I need that game in my life!

#16 You can just see the hope turn into complete disappointment.

#17 You don’t even have to answer because you know.

#18 This might be the most adorable thing I have ever seen.

‘Hooman’s not gonna take me on a walk? Fine! I’ll do it myself.’

#19 A better love story than Twilight.

#20 Just don’t mistake him as a sponge and everything will be fine.

Cats do this as well. However, if you used this solution to make the kitty stop crying. You are bound to come out of the shower with a ‘few’ scratches.

#21 ‘Can we keep him? Pleaaassse?’

#22 Omg, I think he is into you.

#23 This doggo knows nothing is more comfortable than an ever bigger dog to lay on.

Wait, you’re telling me that’s a puppy? Well, we all know dogs never understand that they are growing and thus turning big. They are always lapdogs in their own mind.

#24 I love that he is watching zootopia.

#25 ‘Do you like belly rubs as much as the next dog?’

So did you find these tweets as relatable and funny as we did? And do you have some of your funny moments that are worth sharing?

Then comment below and let us know! Don’t forget to share so your friends can have a laugh as well!

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