10+ Situations You’ll Only Understand If You Are Hooman Of A Smol Doggo

Just like us, puppers are born in different sizes and shapes.

However, some are born even smaller than the usual norm, which makes you wanna cuddle them at first sight and never letting them out of your sight in fear of someone dognapping your little pooch.

And when you have smol doggos with you, it’s only natural that your doggo will get more attention than you, which leads to people hugging and touching your doggo without asking for your attention first.

Scroll down below to find out the little moments hoomans of small doggos have to go through when they’re out and about with their pooches.

1.) You’re constantly tired of people who carry your dog without asking your permission first.

I mean, it’s not like you don’t have your own dog to love or cuddle…

 2.) The fear for your pupper’s life is real when smol kids are around your pooch.

Guys.. It’s not a toy. HANDLE WITH CARE PLEASE!

3.) That moment when your pupper climbs the stairs better than coming back down to the ground.

You’re finally familiar to differentiate between the different barks of your doggo ever since the climbing to places that are too high for him started.

4.) The ability to note the whereabouts of your pupper

He’s most likely chewing something on your foot.

5.) Your wariness increases as you learn to avoid stepping on your dog

You DO know I’m always around you.. right?

6.) The fear of your pupper being eaten alive takes over you when he is around a medium-sized one.

“Don’t worry, he’s just checking things out.”

“For what? Of whether my dog is edible!?”

7.) The hunt for suitable toys and clothes is real when you try to shop for your pupper.

The bone you gave your pup is the same one you gave him probably about six months back.

8.) The toys he owns is most likely to be three times bigger than his entire body size

“When can I fully play this toy without somewhat tiring myself?”

9.) By now, you should know that size and the ability to take up space is so not related, no matter what people say.

Especially not in this case.

10.) Everyone calls your other doggo names/terms other than the word “dog”

No, it’s not a RAT. It’s a DOG jeez.

11.) He gets a new name though, whenever you’re playing with him.

Must. Attack. To. Protecc.

12.) The “Are-You-Coming” look

I ain’t waitin’ on ya if you don’t move it stat.

13.) Winter is coming.

One of the many ploys of his so that he can snuggle and hide in between my bed sheets..\

14.) And to discover that your dog has a penchant for places hoomans don’t consider as proper places.

Perfect hideout spot to scare those who take a video tape to watch and “conveniently forgot about me”


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