How to Brush Your Dog’s Teeth at Home | A Guide

  • By Sana Riaz
  • February 8, 2023
  • 4 minutes read

Brushing your dog’s teeth is as important as brushing their fur because it is an important part of their overall health and hygiene. Not only does it help prevent bad breath, but it also helps prevent serious health problems such as gum diseases and tooth decay.

Regular dental care for your dog can increase its lifespan and does improve its quality of life. However, for many pet owners, the thought of brushing their dog’s teeth can be intimidating. Well, here is our comprehensive guide to help you.

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions with practical and helpful tips to make brushing your dog’s teeth a breeze and ensure a healthy smile for your Doggo.

1. Choose The Right Time And Right Place

Happy and relaxed dog with its owner

Choosing the right time is essential. There is no fixed time, choose a time when your dog is calm and relaxed. If your dog is angry and not in the mood for brushing, that is a bad time. Do not ignore the designated spot for brushing your dog. Make sure the room you are choosing is free from active children.

2. Buy A Good Toothbrush And Toothpaste

Obviously, you will need a good toothbrush and toothpaste for your dog but make sure to at least get a good toothbrush. Get an angled toothbrush with softer bristles for your dog and it is important to Choose a toothbrush that is according to the size of your dog.

If you have a small dog, a finger brush would suit your dog but if you have a big dog, a toothbrush with a bigger handle would be a much better choice. Never use human toothpaste for a dog as it contains ingredients that might be harmful for the dogs. Get a good toothpaste made for dogs instead.

3. Choose a Good Spot for Brushing Your Dog

Make sure you have chosen a place and a position where your dog feels relaxed. Also, make sure to stand in a position where both you and your dog are comfortable, and Do not take a threatening stance or stand above them. Either Sit in front of your dog or by its side.

4. Touch Your Dog’s Gums And Teeth

You have to make your dog comfortable with some kind of touch on their teeth and gums. Using a light pressure, touch against their teeth and gums before moving to the toothbrushing.

5. Touch The Toothbrush to Your Dog’s Teeth

Touch the toothbrush to the front, back, right and bottom teeth of your dog. It is also recommended to reward your dog with treats for tolerating the toothbrush.

6. Introducing Your Dog With The Toothpaste

Put some toothpaste on your fingers and let your dog lick it from your fingers so they can get used to the taste. If they refuse to lick the toothpaste again, you can try a different flavor.

7. Apply Toothpaste on the Toothbrush

Apply Toothpaste on Toothbrush for your dog

Once your dog is comfortable with the touch and the toothpaste, you can put the toothpaste on the toothbrush.

8. Start Brushing The Top Teeth

Start by lifting up your dog’s upper lip. Place the toothbrush on the upper teeth and start brushing them gently while paying proper attention, it’s not wise to make a mistake at this stage.

9. Brush the Front Side Teeth

It is important not to ignore the side teeth of your doggo. Move the brush from the front teeth to the right teeth and then from the front teeth to the left teeth. You can also brush the inside of your dog’s teeth.

10. Brush the Bottom Teeth

Now, coming to the bottom teeth, hold the bottom lip and move the brush on the bottom teeth until they are clean, and make sure you are only applying light pressure.

11. Brush the Side Bottom Teeth

Move the toothbrush slowly to the right side of the teeth. After the right side of the teeth is clean, move the brush to the left bottom side and make sure both the sides are clean. If your dog is still comfortable with the brush, clean the inside of the bottom teeth.

12. Praise And Reward Your Dog

Giving your dog treats as a reward

When you have finished brushing your dog, reward your dog or give it extra attention. You can also praise them by rewarding them with their favorite treat. Now, your dog will get their teeth brushed without getting angry or anxious.

Some Common questions You might have

Why should I brush my dog’s teeth?

Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can prevent bad breath and periodontal disease. It helps remove plaque and prevent tartar accumulation on your Dog’s teeth.

How many times a week should I brush my dog’s teeth?

It is recommended to brush your dog’s teeth daily but a minimum of three times a week is required to prevent plaque and tartar build-up.

Can I use human toothpaste to brush my dog’s teeth?

No, human toothpaste is not safe for dogs to swallow. It can upset the stomach and can cause digestive issues. Some human toothpaste have a high sodium content that can make your doggo ill. Some kinds of toothpaste have xylitol which is toxic for dogs so always make sure to buy good quality toothpaste which is made for dogs.

Can I use baking soda to brush my dog’s teeth?

Can I use baking soda to brush my dog's teeth

No, baking soda isn’t safe for dogs as it has a high alkaline content which can disturb the acid balance in the stomach and digestive tract. Also, baking soda doesn’t taste good which may make your doggo hate tooth brushing.

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