45 Human-like Dogs That Will Freak You Out Because They Look Like Someone You Know

Dogs always resemble their human owner.

At least that is what many people say, and it is true a lot of times. However, the dog still looks like a dog. These dogs are on an entirely different level. You see, they resemble humans a lot more than you think. From their human looking eyes to vaguely human-shaped faces, it all seems too creepy.

While they do not talk in any human language, one thing is for sure. These are not completely dogs either. Don’t believe me? Well, why don’t you scroll on below and take a look yourself? All of these pictures were compiled thanks to the BuzzFeed Community. And we couldn’t be more thankful for bringing this gift into the world.

Source: BuzzFeed

So let’s start, shall we?

#1 schaem2

People have said that he looks like a human wearing a dog mask.

#2 katieb4f178978e

That face you’re seeing is an extremely pissed off dog. He knew what he was doing.

#3 jessical4b27ac6e0

He’s judging you. Just like your mom.

#4 andreak49c33e3ba

This is Karma. She doesn’t know she’s a dog and not a person, so shh!

#5 deederbobber

Our Boo Dog looking like a grumpy old man silently judging your nonsense.

#6 megans4e00e6da5

#7 jadons21

#8 laray3

She always looks like a concerned mom who cut her hair too short up top.

#9 j482fde6e9

Oscar’s got mad expressions.

#10 kaye49924cd0b

He often gets told he has people eyes.

#11 mege41214a6df

If only you could talk, what would you say?

#12 maddie52903

#13 lizzyc41b22548d

#14 halfcanine

#15 b4ffbdfb62

That side eye!

#16 jenniferp4bf72fd9f

#17 chrisa443ec9017

Note the seriousness of his eyebrows. They kill me!

#18 addieb

This is Molly, my albino Bichon rescue. She is a very special girl who had a hard life before coming to my husband and me.

#19 kellyh4d56da797

#20 nothinghere

#21 taylort415d386c2

This is Keira after getting a fresh haircut and nail trim, sporting her usual ‘I’m too fabulous for this’ look on her face.

#22 cambriacelestel

I think it’s the combo of her light eyes and eyebrows that make her look like a person. We get told that all the time!

#23 abbyk4907b9f1d

He always looks like either an old man or an Ewok. We can’t choose.

#24 robinh4b5975bc1

#25 jessical4b27ac6e0

Everyone says he has human eyes.

#26 rlewis

#27 roxannaeverett49

She frequently looks like a grumpy old man, and it’s my favorite thing ever.

#28 alyssadenora

#29 katiemaynors

#30 kdwesternbg4

He looks like an angry old man!

#31 stephaniec4b6407146

#32 kristenjeanc

My Ralfie! He’s a 5-year-old rescue and the love of my life. When we saw him in the shelter, looking up at us with those humanlike eyes, we knew he was the one!

#33 katiemo92

My dog looks like I just walked in past curfew.

#34 jamiemariec

#35 khays

Sitting upright on the couch to watch TV.

#36 georger46e62ec15

My dog Parker literally looks like he just scored someone’s number at a bar! Such a stud!

#37 betsya46b5b02e2

#38 karengaya

#39 alicer4d49a36a7

Look at those human eyes!!!

#40 haleighs4d673c43d

Corbette isn’t here for anyone’s BS.

#41 aliw46374b917

#42 lynns625

#43 allyb4487a25e4

#44 cheersavl

Peanut is every mom or dad who goes, ‘I’m not mad; I’m just disappointed.’

#45 amyw44102e042

‘What do you mean other dogs don’t sit like this?’ —my dog Olive


Which one of these resembled a human the most? Comment down below and let us know!

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