18 Inspiring Tales Of Doggo Heroism Better Than Any Marvel Movie

Forget the Avengers, forget the Justice League, forget it all because we’ve got some real heroism for you here.

Take a look at 17 of the most heroic dogs ever, rescuing people in situations ranging from fires to violence to 9/11. There’s even a few in here that have not just saved people, but that have saved other animals from precarious situations. So join me in saluting these doggos who have dedicated their lives to making ours safer.


#1 Dog saves the owner from Pitbull attack and nearly dies!


#2 Baby, the pitbull, saves a family AND a family of dogs

#3 German Shepard makes friends with a sickly hummingbird

#4 Dog saves a baby from choking!


#5 Four times than 50 Cent was shot!

#6 Doggo saves his owner after being attacked!

#7 Dog rescues the cutest kitten!


#8 This one just needed a rest from being a heroic big brother

#9 ¡Muy Bueno!

#10 He didn’t just take a bullet, he took a whole truck!


#11 A real-life saint

#12 Never forget.

#13 Feminist dog of the year

#14 The last surviving 9/11 doggo

#15 Diving in front of a bus with no regard for himself

#16 A great story all around

#17 A genuine war hero

#18 And this helpful doggo.

What a story. These dogs have left me wondering, what am I doing with my life? Why aren’t I out there saving people from burning buildings and home invaders? Oh well.  At least I get to pass these stories on to you.