30+ Kitchenware That Every Dog Lover Should Add to Their Collection Right Away

Attention, dog lovers! There is no doubt that your house is already filled with the presence of your dogs and their assets. Here is your chance to take it up a notch. Your kitchen might not be the place where you allow your dog to mess around much. But there’s no rule about not having exclusive doggo decor in there.

Have fun shopping for these useful and adorable kitchen items that every dog lover should have!

#1. A Cookies and Treats Jar for Your Bestest Friend


Pier 1: $39.95 | Amazon: $41.65

#2. This Serving Board That Resembles Your Pup

Macy’s: $29.99

#3. Paw-Shaped and Rust Resistant Aluminum Pan For Your Cakes

Jet: $9.50

#4. The Wine Bottle-Holder for Lovers of Dogs and Good Wine


Walmart: $18.04

#5. Beautiful and Artistic Porcelain Tea Plates That Your Dog Would Love

Amara: $15 each

#6. A Great Set of 4 Good Corn-Holders With Stainless Steel Prongs

Home Depot: $8.47 | Amazon: $9.39

#7. This Breakfast Mold is Just What You Need For Perfect Eggs Every Morning

Source | Source

Uncommon Goods: $9.99 | Amazon: $12

#8. Find Canine Advice for Life On This Set of 4 Dishwasher Safe Pint Glasses

Uncommon Goods: $35

#9. Bake Treats For Your Doggo With This Dog Treats Kit

Walmart: $24.95

#10. A Whimsical Silicon Spatula for Your Furry Partners


Sur La Table: $12 | Amazon: $12

#11. This “Woof” Soap Dish Makes the Sink a Better Place

Overstock: $22.94

#12. A Set of Handmade Wooden Coasters With Dogs Engraved on Them

Jet: $24.75

#13. A Cute Pack of Dog Butts for Magnets on Your Fridge

Jet: $12.48

#14. An Innovative Way to Store Your Corks With this Doggo Wire Caddy

Jet: $34.98

#15. Buy Your Doggo this Sophisticated Dining Tray With a Mahogany Finish

Jet: $38

#16. A Puppy Porcelain Mini Creamer that Can Handle Hot Gravy

Jet: $4.19

#17. This Set of 4 Stackable Stoneware Mugs Comes With Its Own Holder

Pier 1: $19.95

#18. This Dog Food Container is a Classic Addition to Your Kitchen

Jet: $22.30

#19. Pair of Salt and Pepper Shakers With Magnetic Snoots for Boops

Jet: $17.18

#20. A Salad Serving Set That Has Doggos Lasered All Over It

Amazon: $25.39

#21. A Pretty Set of 4 Stoneware Bowls for Cereals and Kibbles

Target: $24.99

#22. This Microwave-Safe Tumbler Makes Sure You Always Have a Doggo By Your Side

Jet: $17.99

#23. A Set of 3 Dog-Themed Lid Rests to Let Out Steam With a Bork

Sur La Table: $6.95

#24. A Couple of Doggo-Shaped Iron Bottle Openers

Houzz: $24.20 | Amazon: $24.20

#25. A Cotton Apron Full of Dogs

Houzz: $22.99

#26. Doggo Silicon Markers So That Everyone Drinks From Their Own Glass

Francesca: $12 | Amazon: $15.98

#27. This Organized Dispenser for Canned Dog Food For Your Pantry

Bed Bath & Beyond: $9.99 | Amazon: $10.99

#28. A Collection of Your Favorite Breeds on One Dish Towel

Houzz: $14

#29. This Big Oven Mitt With a Five-Layer Protection for All Your Hot Meals

Amazon: $20.58

#30. Clean Paws are a Habit Now With This Soap Dispenser

Miles Kimball: $10.99

#31. An Elegant Stemless Wine Glass That Holds a Pint

Walmart: $16.99

#32. Make Doggo-Shaped Cookies and Pancakes Easily With This Set of Cookie-Cutters

Amazon: $12.99

#33. This Cute Little Snoot Mug Lets You Enjoy a Boop Anytime You Want

Firebox: $13.89

#34. This Long Boi Will Hold Your Paper Towels Stylishly

Wayfair: $55.99 | Amazon: $35.99

#35. This Snug Warm Cotton Cosy to Keep Your Tea Hot

Houzz: $17.13

#36. This Safe Knife Cuts Soft Food and Not Your Kid’s Fingers

Amazon: $10

#37. A Dog Face Bottle Stopper is The Only Thing that Can Stop You From Drinking Any More Wine

Jet: $23.21

#38. This Creative Wooden Rolling Pin is Engraved With Puppy Paw Tracks

Houzz: $39.99

#39. Your Crackers Fit Comfortably in This Weiner-Like Dishwasher-Safe Dish

Pier 1: $19.95

Your pooches will love you even more for making the house dog-friendly with these kitchen appliances!

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