Little Girl Adopts the Old Dog No One Wanted and Saved Her Life

  • By Silas
  • January 8, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

Adopting dogs is a noble act. And when a small kid decides to do it, the act becomes as inspiring as adorable it is.

Kaylee lived at the BARCS Animal Shelter in Baltimore. At 11 years of age, nobody seemed willing to take this dying dog home. That was until nine-year-old Raven saw her. Their lives changed for the better from the moment they laid their eyes on each other.


Raven is the daughter of Melissa Davis. When she saw the aging Kaylee on her visit to this shelter, she insisted upon adopting her. She told Melissa, “I want to adopt an old dog. One that no one else wants.” Her mom was clearly impressed by the kindness her girl had in her heart. However, adopting an old dog can get emotionally difficult, especially for such a small child.

Melissa tried to explain to Raven that Kaylee would not stick around for a long time. Parting with her dog in that way could get hard for her. But Raven would not have it any other way, and she said, “I don’t want [dogs] to die in the shelter. They don’t deserve to die alone.”

The decision was made. Kaylee finally had a family.


It was not easy, and the Davies family was prepared for it.

Kaylee had cancer. Her prognosis revealed that she would not live beyond two more months. Raven and her family resolved that they would give Kaylee the time of her life as long as they still had her. They planned and made, what they called, “Kaylee’s Bucket List.” They wanted to give her lots of love and happiness. And as it is with a dog, Kaylee gave them more.

In a story that Melissa Davies submitted to the Petco Foundation, she wrote, “Kaylee has reminded us of the good in the world. [She has taught] my children… compassion in a way I’ve never dreamed possible. They happily gave up a vacation to Disney World because we needed the money to pay for Kaylee’s care. They told me, ‘That’s OK. We wouldn’t want to go without her anyway.'”


The story that Melissa shared was submitted to the Petco Foundation as a part of the Annual Holiday Wishes Campaign. Guess what happened? It won! The prize could not have been better. Melissa got the opportunity to help out the BARCS Animal Shelter.

The shelter received $10,000 as part of the 2017 Holiday Wishes grant so that it could support its dogs. Wait, there is more. Kaylee’s inspiring story won another $25,000 as the grand prize in the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes People’s Choice Awards. Kaylee’s old shelter friends must be really grateful to her!


What about Kaylee? She has sailed past the two-month mark. The hope and love that Raven’s family showered on her have played a significant factor in this feat. She does have her health issues to deal with. But Kaylee is stronger than them.

The Eagles famously sang, “Love will keep us alive.” This story of Raven and Kaylee proves that these words are true and that every dog deserves love and affection no matter how old they are!

Know more about the Petco Foundation Holiday Wishes here.

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