This Lonely Husky Escaped From His Yard Only To Get A Hug From His Friend

Nothing can beat the special bonds that only dogs create.

Oranit Kittragul owns a yellow Labrador Retriever, Messy. They live in Thailand, and Messy is not only loyal, but also very generous and sweet towards his neighbors. He even tries his best to improve the lives around him.

Across the street, lived another dog, Audi. His owner left for work every day, and while they were gone, Oranit noticed that Audi became alone and felt down. Upon seeing this, Oranit made Messy interact with Audi and talked to him while his owners were away for work every day.

The trick really worked as Audi was really glad to see his new best friend and neighbor across the road. The routine was the same, but one day they both got extra fortunate as the owners forgot to lock the gate for Audi.

The lonely Husky got eager and jumped out of the house to get a hug from Messy after days of seeing each other. Coincidentally, Oranit saw this cute moment and straight away took pictures of it. After a warm tight hug, Audi stayed for a while and ran back to his own place.

This was a surprise for Oranit as such a close bond in so little time wasn’t expected. But, it is really adorable to see that despite being away and only being able to see or talk to each other through gates, they have become super close.

This wonderful friendship surely deserves a regularly scheduled play date to let them enjoy more time together.

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