10+ Funny AF Memes Depicting the Relationship Between Doggos and The Mailman

It’s always peaceful during the day until the familiar buzzing of a van’s engine or a motorbike can be heard in your neighborhood.

That’s when doggos go out of their minds barking endlessly at their sworn enemy – the mailman.

Nobody knows why this exists, but it sure can get funny at times.

Check out memes that shows the relationship between doggos and the mailman!

1.) It’s crucial that I do this, hoomans!

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2.) I’m not cute; I’m ferocious!

3.) It’s almost that time of the day again…

4.) “Get ready bois, I can smell him already!”

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5.) Nothing can stop me from protecting my home – not even the weather!

6.) If those are treats for me, we’re definitely friends!

7.) Incoming alert!

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8.) It’s Halloween anyways!

9.) Call me the bestest boi yet.

10.) In need of all forgiveness by Thou.

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11.) Patience definitely is a virtue, even to doggos.

12.) Priorities.

13.) Now, would you look at that?

14.) Remember guys, stretches can go a long way for ya!

15.) You ain’t got nothin’ on us, Mr. Mailman!

16.) Wait for me!

17.) Yup, the doggo was definitely right in this!

18.) Nothing’s freakier than a sneaky mailman…

19.) We meet again, Mr. Mailman.

20.) Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

21.) Somebody’s in for a surprise later!

22.) It’s that time again…

23.) Someone’s definitely shooked!

24.) Gotta keep an eye out for that guy…

25.) Questions I’ll never have answers to.

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