Human Tried To Mock This Hairy Shiba Inu And His Reaction Is Pure Gold

A Japanese Shiba Inu dog was in the center of a lot of attention on social media a while ago. The “Doge” meme became quite popular. Very famous, much wow.

Once again, a Shiba Inu has come into the limelight. Sumi, the golden-white beautiful pupper, loves her grooming sessions. But then her owner decided to have some fun. This is one funny grooming session, and the Internet loves it.

Shibas shed a lot of fur, and require regular grooming. Sumi finds her sessions pleasant as the first picture shows. That’s when her owner, Imgur user sofuckingfabulous, got an idea. Sumi’s lush fur turned into stylish hairstyles. From the Oompa-Loompa to the Fake News, she rocked each hairdo confidently. Scroll down to see Sumi in her various avatars.

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Behold the Magnificent Sumi, With Her Fur. She Cooperates When Groomed.

She Continued to Cooperate When Her Owner Started Having Some Fun


Here, She is a Rockstar from the 80s

Now, Sumi as an Oompa-Loompa

‘The Fake News’ Makes Her Look Like Someone We All Know

The people who saw her did not waste time before applauding Sumi and her owner. They did a great job definitely!

Sumi is having fun, but she does look a bit annoyed by the end. These dog models get irritated too quickly it seems. But together with her owner, she gave us a glimpse of a world where dogs are more stylish than us. And that is heckin beautiful!

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