Mom Bribes Her Son With Food So He’ll Say “Mama” But Its The Dog Who Won The Reward

Babies and dogs really are blessings as they bring so much happiness into our lives.

The Diaz-Giovanini family from Utah has been blessed with both, and they came out with something that you will definitely adore.

Mom Andrea, just like other mothers, was too eager and excited to hear the word “mama” from her newly born son Sam. So she thought of a reward for him if he says it, but what happened next was unexpected and hilarious.

Source: Sam Giovanini

Their Pet, Patch, Was More Interested In The Reward. He First Listened To her And Started Howling “Mama.”

The most surprising thing was his accuracy, which made us witness his talent. It is definitely one of the most adorable things you are going to see today.

Patch locked his eyes on the food that Andrea was holding for Sam, and it seemed like he wants the reward for himself.

But wait, the funniest part comes when Sam realizes his reward is about to be taken!

Source: Sam Giovanini

Patch is an Australian Shepherd Dog who is trained very well and is quite loyal and trustworthy. He is always considered a very special part of the family as he helped a great deal in the recovery of the family’s grandmother. She had a severe brain injury because of a car accident. Patch used to be on guard, so whenever grandma had any problem during her injury, he was there to alert the other members.

A lot of people spoke up for Patch’s effort because the video didn’t show him getting his reward


Source: YouTube 

“That dog deserves more than just that bite of food after that!” one person wrote.


Source: YouTube

“Thank you for posting this 🙂 I really wanted to know if the dog was rewarded for being a genius,” another comment said.


Source: YouTube

“The dog was so desperately wanting the foods that he will do anything to please. And he definitely EARNS it fair and square! I hope the mom gave the dog the reward he needed, the dog is so adorable (and the baby too of course) that it almost cruel not to.”


But in case people don’t get worried; the couple posted a follow-up video which showed Patch getting his reward. This one was just for fun which happened spontaneously.

“For the many concerned individuals claiming that the dog from “Dog Says Mama, Baby Can’t” didn’t never got a treat, here is one brief clip of just one bite he got from that night,” the family posted.

Source: Sam Giovanini

The video got over 10 million views, and you surely can’t miss the cute effort by Patch.

Watch it below










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