This Mom Makes Mini Version Of Their Family Dinner For Their Dog & Internet Can’t Handle It

  • By Silas
  • December 30, 2017
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Dog owners are known everywhere for the greatness of their hearts. Their dogs are not just pets to them. They are children. And when the food gets served on the dining table, they all eat together like a family. Don’t dare to tell them otherwise! Twitter user @ashtonbaileyyy’s mom has gone an extra mile to serve her pupper in the cutest way possible.

@ashtonbaileyyy posted several pictures on Twitter to share that whatever meal the family has, their dog gets the smaller version of it. Her mom serves a mini meal for her pup in a mini plate.

Sources: Twitter


Imagine this tiny little puppy enjoying her equally tiny meal with her human family. It is too adorable!

Dog lovers on Twitter went gaga over this charming piece of news.


While these people enjoyed it, some others were slightly envious.


The world gets a bit more tolerable with these furry babies in our lives. May your foodie dogs keep bringing you joy!

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