16 Of The Most Affectionate Dog Breeds Ever (Pictures)

16 Most affectionate dog breeds ever

Dogs are a mans best friend.

And they are called that for a reason. They are loyal creatures who love their human counterparts and will try to help their human as much as they can. However, just as different animal species show their love in varying ways, so do different dog breeds. You might think that all dogs are sweet, lovable creatures and while that may be true, some dog breeds are more affectionate than others. Simply put, some dogs are just more open to showing their love with cuddles and such when you compare them with other dog breeds.

Now, genetics don’t play a huge part when considering the behavior of the dog, the breed can change some things. However, most differences in behavior are because of the environment they grew up in. I am well aware that most people think that breeds can change a lot but it is actually not true. Although, there is an indirect correlation to it. You see different dog breeds grow up in different environments usually so that is a huge factor. However, at the end of the day, all that matters is how you treat your lovable companion.

But we still have dog breeds that are much more used to being pets and they actually like to cuddle and show affection. I am not saying that every dog in this breed will be the same but it is just a generalization. So just scroll below to see 16 of the most affectionate dog breeds.

#1 Golden Retriever

golden retrievers

I am sure we have all heard of the unwavering loyalty that a Golden Retriever brings. And I assure you that none of these statements are over-dramatized. They are one of the most popular breeds of dogs, and there is a good reason for that. They are one of the most loyal breeds and that is why so many people tend to use them as service dogs.

Not only that but they are also great cuddlers and are not afraid to show their affection openly. Golden Retrievers are all-around great family pets and can be trained easily. All of that to say people who have never had a dog before in their life usually choose golden retrievers because they are the easiest to get along with. They are great with other dogs as well so there is that plus they can adapt to most environments easily making them great pets.

#2 Pembroke Welsh Corgi


People don’t usually think of Corgis when they think about affectionate dog breeds but corgis are great pets to keep since they can be quite lovey-dovey when it comes to family and children. While I will always recommend being there and keeping an eye on your dog when your kids are close, corgis are quite lovely creatures. They are also great with other dogs even though some dog breeds might not take a corgi very seriously.

They are also great to keep as a first pet as they are easier to take care of because of their relatively normal shedding level and they don’t drool as many other breeds either. They can be very playful and have very high energy levels. While they may not have the size to act as guard dogs, they’re very vigilant when it comes to protecting their human.

#3 Pug


Pugs have been loved by many for centuries. They were even considered royalty if we take into fact that Chinese Emporers used to love these little dogs. And while they might not be the biggest dog breed around, they are quite lovable and open with their affection. If you pay close attention to them, they will do the same with you and what else can you ask from a dog other than that anyway?

Pugs are also great with children and other dogs which makes them lovely all-around pets for people. However, they might not be the best breed around for first-time dog owners as they do require a little bit of work because of their high shedding level but they aren’t that likely to drool so there is that. They can easily make new friends and are quite playful which means you will never get bored with a pug around for entertainment.

#4 Boxer


You might be surprised to see this dog breed so high up on the list since many people are afraid of Boxers but the truth is that Boxers are lovely and affectionate creatures and they don’t deserve the stereotype we impose on them. While they are quite athletic, they use that to protect their human rather than hurting them in any way. And you might be surprised to learn this but they are quite popular breeds around the world for good reason, in my opinion.

They make great guard dogs and are relatively easy to train when you compare them with other dog breeds. Boxers are also great with family and children even though some people might not let them close to their children. They have very high energy levels and that isn’t surprising since they always need to be doing something rather than lounging around.

#5 Collie

collie dog

People absolutely love Collies for their loyal nature and they are actually quite a proud breed which they have every reason to be. You can just see their gracefulness from a mile away with their fluffy coat and that intelligent stare. They are lovely with children and thrive in familiar situations which makes them a very affectionate breed with people they actually care about. They actually don’t shed as much as one would think regarding their fur so that is always a plus.

And while they can be quite playful, people don’t use them much as guard dogs unless they have been trained properly. They also require a little bit of extra time to let someone in but once they do, they become totally devoted to the person. They do bark a lot which not everyone is okay with but they are relatively easy to train so there is that.

#6 Great Dane

great dane

This is honestly a surprise to no one. I am well aware that Great Danes can look quite scary at first look because of their huge size. but the fact of the matter is that they are known for being gentle giants. While they can be fierce when someone threatens their human owner, they are usually okay with lounging around on the lap of their human not realizing that they do not lap dogs.

Ignoring their size for a second, they are very open with their affection and love being around children as long as someone is there to supervise them. They also have a very short and smooth coats so taking care of their shedding level is relatively easier compared to other dog breeds. However, they are known to drool a lot so one might need to hide all the towels. They also make great guard dogs and can be very protective and vigilant when the time comes.

#7 Pomeranian


Pomeranians have become famous for being carried around in their purse and many people use them as a sort of accessory which I do not recommend. However, I do recommend thinking about getting a pomeranian since they actually quite an affectionate breed and they are good with children though their high energy can cause a lot of chaos. Don’t be fooled by their size as they suffer from small dog syndrome where they love to jump around all the time.

They do need to be groomed regularly but it is all worth it to have their little floor balls with you. They are actually quite affectionate creatures and can be very loyal to the right person. And while they can be very vigilant, most people don’t recommend keeping them as a guard dogs since the worst thing they can do is bite someone’s ankles which is not really that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.

#8 Shih Tzu

shih tzu puppy

Shih Tzu is a playful and outgoing dog breed and they absolutely love to cuddle up to their owner and just relax on the human’s lap. They are a small breed but they are very open when it comes to their affection level with other humans and children. They are also great with other dogs so there is another plus when you get them as a pet. And while they don’t shed as much as many other dog breeds, they do need to be groomed quite regularly.

They are also somewhat reserved with strangers but are quick to open up once they form a bond. They are highly adaptable and love to play around. People don’t usually keep them as watchdogs since they can’t usually be trained to be that vigilant. However, they will protect their human however they can.

#9 Bulldog


Bulldogs have gotten a very bad name because of their sad faces and muscles which make people think that they are not really that affectionate. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as bulldogs are playful and intelligent dogs who love to be around other people and children. They can also adapt to living with other dogs relatively easily so bulldogs are always a great choice for a pet.

They don’t shed as much and don’t need to be groomed a lot either but the severe skin folds can mean that the owner has to keep all the crevices clean so no infection ever festers. They are highly playful and seem to always be ready to do something because of their extreme energy levels. All in all, it is always fun to be around a bulldog.

#10 Chihuahua


These tiny dogs might be lovable but they can also be quite demonic when they want to protect their owner. If I had to explain a Chihuahua in one word, I would say they are quite sassy creatures. Don’t get me wrong, they can be very affectionate with the right people but to everyone else, they don’t hesitate to bite the ankles of anyone who comes close. While they are great with most people, children aren’t one of them unless you train them or supervise them.

They have what is called small dog syndrome and which means that they think that they are bigger than they actually are so they will pick a fight with other big dogs and sometimes they do manage to intimate much bigger dogs than them. people just love to carry around Chihuahuas even though they do bark a lot and do have an extreme level of energy. However, we still love them.

#11 Bichon Frise

bichon frise

These adorable little fluffballs are a great pet to have for anyone who is allergic. You might think I am lying since they do look like tiny sheep with their curly coat but their fur is actually hypoallergenic so people love them. They are highly affectionate creatures and love to play around with children and other dogs as well. While they don’t shed a lot, they do need to be groomed almost daily unless you want their coat to get matted which can happen quite easily.

They can easily make friends whether it be other animals or humans and they always want to be able to play around. They don’t make great watchdogs but they do make up for that by being highly adaptable to most environments. They are also quite easy to train which is always needed seeing as they need someone to expend all that energy.

#12 Pitbull

Pitbull dog

Pitbulls are known to be aggressive and violent but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I am well aware that many apartment buildings don’t allow pit bulls even though they are fine with other dog breeds. The reason this stereotype came to be is that people used to use Pitbulls as fighting dogs in illegal rings but that is not the fault of the dog breed as a whole. While yes, they are quite athletic and have a lot of muscle but so do quite a lot of other dog breeds.

Pitbulls are actually quite a graceful breed and highly affectionate. Anyone who has ever owned a pitbull knows this to be 100% true. They also make great guard dogs once you train them up because they are one of the most loyal breeds around and they get a lot of hate for no reason. The only way a pitbull would get aggressive toward a stranger is because they haven’t been trained properly so it is usually the human’s fault, not the dog’s.

#13 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

king charles puppy

These are gentle dogs and they are known for their affectionate natures. They are actually a type of Cocker Spaniel and fall under that umbrella. While they might look small, they can be quite athletic and playful. They are also great with children so they are a great breed for anyone who wants a dog to get along with the whole family. They can also look gorgeous with their long and silky coat even though it does mean that one has to groom them regularly and that you will find fur everywhere in your home.

They are friendly towards other humans and dogs and this makes them not great to have as a guard dog unless you want the robbers to just lose consciousness because of the cuteness.

#14 Newfoundland


These dogs can also be called gentle giants even though they might look like bears. They are actually great with kids and sometimes act as a nanny which is always lovely to see. They are incredibly patient and sweet and anyone who has a Newfoundland dog knows that it is incredibly easy to fall in love with these big lugs. They do shed quite a lot and one has to groom them quite regularly but it is all worth it to have these affectionate dogs by your side.

They make great watchdogs as well since they are easily trained. All in all, there is nothing these adorable doggos can’t do and that is why they are quite the popular breed despite their huge size. Did I forget to mention that they also think that they are lap dogs even though they might just as easily squish their human?

#15 Labradoodle


Labradoodles are a great dog breed to have especially for those people who are hypoallergenic. They might have a lot of curly furs but people with allergies love these dogs for a reason. They do need to be groomed quite regularly but that is a small sacrifice to make to have these adorable fluffballs around. They are a relatively small breed but they can be pretty athletic and love playing around while also causing a lot of chaos.

They are super affectionate and will follow you to the ends of the world no matter what. While people don’t usually keep them as guard dogs, that is not to say that they aren’t vigilant. They can also be trained quite easily.

#16 Irish Wolfhound

irish wolfhound dog

This noble breed might be one of the tallest breeds around but that also means that they have big hearts. They were originally bred as hunting dogs but their original purpose has changed and now they love lounging around and playing around with other humans and children. They dos hed a lot and you will need to groom them on a weekly basis but it is all worth it as long as you get to cuddle with these adorable dogs. All in all, don’t be fooled by their size as they are a great pet to have.

What are your thoughts on these dog breeds? Are there any other dog breeds that you think should have been on this list that we did a huge injustice to, by not including them? Well, let us know in the comments down below, and don’t forget to share this list with your friends as well.

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