British Mother Spends $1800 On Christmas Presents for Doggo

  • By Eva Yong
  • December 27, 2017
  • 3 minutes read

A British mother admits to loving pet more than her own six-year-old son as she bought Christmas gifts worth more than $1750 for her dog alone.

Helena Mueller and her pooch, Cockapoo, Lola. Source: SWNS / Mega
Helena Mueller and her pooch, Cockapoo, Lola. Source: SWNS / Mega

Helena Mueller, 38, loves her Cockapoo pooch, Lola, and dedicates her life and attention to ensuring her dog gets nothing but the best in almost everything the dog uses.

Mueller says the dog had made a huge impact in her life as she had gotten Lola when her only son, Harry, was four years old at that time.

She jokingly adds that Lola never complains about homework and what’s made for meals.

“If Lola doesn’t eat her breakfast, I will spoon feed Lola because I can’t stand to think of Lola going hungry.”

Mueller adds that she does everything with Lola, from running with her to everything else.

The British mother has spent more than $1750 on Lola’s Christmas presents alone. Source: SWNS / Mega
A request was sent on Facebook asking for people’s help in wrapping Lola’s 68 Christmas presents. Source: SWNS / Megabook

“She had her first exposure to snow yesterday, and I noticed that I had taken lots of pictures of Lola, but none of Harry, and that happens all the time.”

“I have to constantly check the ground during summer time to ensure that the ground isn’t too hot for Lola to walk on, and she has a special cart just in case if it is.”

Mueller also said that the dog came along with them to the cinema last week as she couldn’t bear to leave the dog alone at home.

Mueller said she took a week off from work when Lola underwent her spaying operation but didn’t pay much attention when Harry had colds.

Lola’s coddle periods consists of hour-long grooming sessions where premium dog shampoo products are used during the grooming sessions.

The husband notes that the hierarchy level in the family is Lola, Harry, him, and definitely doesn’t mind it as long as she is happy and content with it.

“He’s approved of Lola having her own separate bank account and personal pocket money of 100 pounds (170 dollars) per month for any treats or things she needs, and I can say we can consider about giving her a raise in her allowance too.”

However, when the pooch lover posted a Facebook post requesting for people’s assistance in wrapping Lola’s Christmas gifts, not many offered to help her.

“People have asked me to stop posting all the gifts I get for Lola because their dogs will want the equal items,” Mueller adds.

A latest study consisting of 2000 pet owners discovered that about 71 percent of the pet owners proposed to buy their furry friends a Christmas present, with the average gift price at $34.

But, Mueller is spending slightly more than what the average pet owner will spend on their pets.

Mueller also admits that the family members and Lola wear identical clothing, especially pajamas. Source: SWNS / Mega

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