Orphan Kitty Finds Dog Who Lost Her Pups And They’re The Cutest Adoptive Pair Ever

Life will always find a way.

Amira is a puppy who was under the care of Mohammad Alaa Jaleel who founded Il Gattaro d’Aleppo, also called The Cat Man of Aleppo. She was a street dog, and Jaleel discovered she was pregnant so gave her room in his sanctuary for her to give birth. His Cat Man of Aleppo was built as a sanctuary for kittens that were left behind because of the wall in Syria, and it’s been the reason why so many kittens are alive today.

Amira was a lone dog in the cat sanctuary, and she went into labor.

Unfortunately, despite Jaleel’s efforts, the puppies were stillborn, and it broke the mother’s heart. She was sad and depressed, and they got her a teddy bear so that she had something to be affectionate towards. It was a poor replacement, but it was something.

Junior, however, is a stray cat in the sanctuary that had other ideas.

She rubbed her head against Amira’s paw, then eventually cuddled up to her, and then within days, Amira no longer cuddled her teddy bear and took care of the kitten instead. They even ate together.

These are the teddy bears that Junior helped her get away from.

They’re the cutest adoptive mom and daughter ever. Junior doesn’t have a family of her own, but she has a mom in Amira.

It’s incredibly heartwarming.

A mother who lost her kids, and a kitten who lost her parents, happy together.

Junior is a cute little blue-eyed beauty.

And you can’t be sad knowing there’s such pure goodness in the world.

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