10+ Pets Who Made Their Owners Feel Like The Third Wheel

We love our pets

But what happens when your beloved family pet tries to take hold of your significant other and steal them away from you?! How is a mere mortal supposed to compete with the sweet affection and unconditional love from a family pet? They can’t. So accept defeat and the fact that your girlfriend, is now your dog’s girlfriend. The bitter-sweet silver lining is that it makes for cute photos.

#1. My prairie dog stole my girlfriend!


Honestly, this guy should feel honored that his pet prairie stole his GF.

#2. “She loves reminding me that I’m basically my Husbands side chick.”


Girl I see you lookin’ at MY man!

#3. Miss steal yo man

#tbt to that time Ruby tried to #StealMyMan #ThatFaceTho

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Look at that face! She knows that she’s won your man over. Good luck getting him back!

#4. Cutest couple 2k18


Um honestly, if I were this guy’s girlfriend I wouldn’t even be mad. LOOK AT THEIR FACES!

#5. The ol’ razzle dazzle


“Trying to enjoy my coffee and cuddles with boyfriend, dog starts nudging and yipping until I move. Immediately takes my spot and gives me this look.”

#6. “Left for work, forgot the phone. 10 minutes later and this b**** is already in bed with my boyfriend.”


Hey, maybe she was just trying to keep the covers warm for you when you got home. Who knows.

#7. “A seriously cute moment between my boyfriend and cat.”


From the girlfriend’s comment, it’s like she doesn’t even realize she’s the third wheel yet? Bless.

#8. “My dog loves my boyfriend more than she does me.”


Looks like he loves her just as much as she does him!

#9. Do not HECK with my man!


This pupperino ain’t having a bar of you girl! Even your doggo thinks it’s hilarious!

#10. Homewrecker


“um, can we help you?”

#11. I was his first love!


Everything was great until YOU came along!

#12. “How my dog looks at me when he’s in bed with my wife. Same look every time.”


Dude, how many times do I have to tell you. She’s mine. Now, a little privacy, please.

#13. “I think our dog is trying to pull a Brian Griffin with my wife.”


Mate, you’ve been Brian Griffin-ed hard. Move to the back. This good boy’s already stolen your girl.

#14. Blissful kitty


Stealing yo man or taking advantage of a heated armchair that provides pats? It’s hard to know with cats.

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