After Getting Fired, What This Pet-Sitter Texted the Dog Owner Has Worried Everyone

  • By Silas
  • January 27, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

There are breakups. Then there are “can’t-live-without-you” breakups. But can it escalate from there? This dog walker has proved that it can.

It sounds like a great job, really, especially for those who love dogs with their whole soul. Getting to spend time with plenty of dogs and then even getting paid for it. Just imagine. It is only natural to feel bad when someone tells you that they don’t require your pet-sitting services anymore. But “Julie” got too depressed it seems.

Twitter user @cherish_lewis1 shared a screen grab of her dog walker “Julie” texting her desperately. Have a look yourself.

If you had not been told that this person was a pet sitter, you could have assumed easily that this was a clingy ex’s post-breakup text. While it is understandable to feel sad for not seeing a dog you used to walk every day, this is taking things to a whole new level. There is even an “I’ll practically do anything” thrown in there!

Other people voiced their opinions on the matter as well. Some did find it weird, but there were others who sympathized with “Julie.”

Oh No!


Explained Right


They’ll be Extra-Cautious Before Hiring Another Pet-Sitter for Sure!


We can’t blame “Julie” for getting so attached to a dog she took care of for many days. It would have been even more surprising if she had not felt bad. So let’s hope that she’s fine and wish that the dog does not miss her like she misses her.


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