12 Pets Illustrated According to their Personalities That Will Draw You Closer to Them

What if you woke up one day only to find your pet acting like a human being?

That was the thought that drove American artist and illustrator, Chris Beetow, as she humanized one pet after another in her drawings. Chris has an eye for the “inner self” of our four-legged best friends, and she is bringing these to life in her portraits. Pet parents approach her with a picture of their furry children, and she turns them into fun illustrations based on their personalities.

Bored Panda investigated the matter, and Beetow had this to say,

“Every pet owner knows their dog or cat is a unique creature. Some are goofy, some are clever, some are loving, and some are cranky. Over the past few years, I’ve created hundreds of illustrated portraits of pets based on what their owners write about them.”

Slowly scroll past these handsome and beautiful representations that we’ve handpicked for you!

Bossing Around with the Cigar


Food is Love; Food is Life

Sophisticated Styles are Making a Comeback

A Believer in Loving Oneself


Pro-League Fetching Champion

They Complete Each Other

Snow Time is Fun Time


“Today I Feel Like Not Doing Anything”

Small Ball of Fury

Dieting is for Losers


Protector of the Realm

Always Open to Treats and Meals

Chris Beetow has more in store for you at her website. If you appreciate good art, which you obviously do, go check her out!

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