9 Enchanting Pets Bamboozling Us In Disney’s Beauty & The Beast Costumes

Isn’t it a dream come true?

I never thought the day would come, where I’d wake up in the morning, and my news feed would be flooded with puppers, kittens, and floofs of every shape and size sporting my favourite Disney character costumes! It’s like my favourite past and present times have morphed together to create this amazing, nostalgic viewing experience! Disney + Doggos = life. How lucky are we to have Disney Pets?!

#1. That girl is furry but special


#2. Beauty & her Best Friend


#3. Kids & their ‘beasts’ are breaking hearts all over the internet


#4. Have you ever seen such a cute couple?


#5. Another cute couple, only 100% more Golden


#6. Hey, I did say it was ‘pets,’ not only doggos!


#7. Chip, what have you been sneaking into my drink?!

#8. Hello handsome


#9. The most beautiful of them all


Which Beauty & The Beast pet was your favourite? Let us know!


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