This Mum Is Photoshopping Her Doggo In Famous Movie Posters & We’re Here For It

Imgur user iamirenes was blessed with 14 amazing years with her dog, Lucy Van Pelt. Throughout their glorious years together she captured countless pictures of Lucy and her every move.

A few years ago, this loving dog Mum started brushing up on her Photoshop skills to turn Lucy’s pictures into an art of some sort, and the results will have you oohing and ahhing the whole way through.

It began with fine art


She was so pleased with the outcome that she tried integrating her original Photoshop into the movie poster from the film based on the iconic painting.

Girl With A Pearl Earring became Good Girle With A Pearl Earring!

iamirenes went on to make an amazing compilation of movie posters using Photoshop Elements V2 (yeah that’s right, not even the full version).

The images run from playful


To hilariously funny


To stunningly beautiful


To weirdly disturbing…

And completely terrifying.

Did I mention iconic?

iamirenes keeps her memories of Lucy alive by sharing her photos from the album on her Imgur – every Sunday she scrolls through her collection and chooses her favourite picture of Lucy to share on the Instagram account. She plans on continuing this tradition until February 2018, the first anniversary of Lucy’s passing.