Local Cops Just Adopted Pit Bulls As Cheaper K9s With The Help Of Animal Shelter

The pit bull is a dog which is notorious for its wide perception of being very vulnerable and mean. Although people have tried their best on many occasions to dismiss their bad repute by showing they can be sweet and loving, people continue to ban them from entire cities to “protect” themselves.

Fortunately, now, some organizations have started programs to change this understanding regarding Pit Bulls and show them as much love as other dogs.

The recent initiative has been done by Animal Farm Foundation who have collaborated with Austin Pets Alive and Universal K9 to train Pit Bulls for becoming official police canines.

The response by the police and pit bulls have been equally good. With the help of proper training by the police, the dogs are learning to become hard-working and obedient as well.

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This new trend is giving positive results, and it’s the time that rescued Pit Bulls should be considered of help rather than depending only upon purebreds for the police to take along for inspection.

On the other hand, it has also helped pit bulls to get themselves a proper shelter and someone to look after. It has been very effective till now regarding cost as well.

“Police Departments are finally getting it. Instead of spending $10,000 to $15,000 for a trained Belgian or GSD, they are now taking pit bulls from shelters and training them, and they are proving themselves to be amazing police and military K9’s.” Protect Pit Bulls from BSL Online

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The surprising fact found during the execution of this idea was that Pit Bulls are really obedient and can be trained to do anything their owners want from them. In fact, some of the police departments also told that the only difficulty in this process was getting them aggressive towards people at times But, the bad reputation has just ruined everything for them.

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With police taking them out during their inspection, it can be a good step to give another chance to pit bulls.

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They are getting trained for everything, even detecting narcotics, explosives, cadaver and criminal acts. Getting the same thing done from purebreds, German Shepherds or Belgian Malinois, etc. was previously very expensive, but now police can save thousands of dollars.

 “Any dog that has the drive, confidence, and desire to work can do it! Breed does not dictate a dog’s ability to work,” told by Universal K9 founder brad Croft.

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Training was important. Otherwise, they could have been treated the opposite if they were left without it. The K9 trainer Bernice Clifford further told:

“AFF [Austin Pets Alive!] stresses treating each dog as an individual — we can’t base their behavior on their appearance or their past. Clifford doesn’t speculate or dwell on their past. The dogs don’t either. Let them be dogs,”

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With the help of AFF, the K9 trainers, and the cop squads, pit bulls are finally getting the treatment they deserve. A lot of police departments all over the country like the Washougal Police Department, the Chattahoochee Hills, Georgia Police Department, and the Poughkeepsie Police Department in New York are putting them to work.

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We really hope for the day when Pit Bulls could become real-life saviors and are treated the same as other dogs.

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If you have ever had a sweet Pit Bull, do spread the word.

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