This Pomeranian-Husky Looks Like A Majestic Pet Fox Straight From Your Dreams

Do we have any Pokemon fans here?

And we specifically mean fire-type pokemons. If you are a fan, then we have some news for you. We have compiled pictures of a real-life fire type pokemon. Now, I know it sounds like an exaggeration but believe me the adorable dog that we present you today is nothing less than a magical creature.

So scroll down and take a look!

Meet the adorable fox-like dog named Mya.


And just to let you know, Mya isn’t a cartoon animation she’s actually a ‘Pomsky’ or a Pomeranian-Husky! How cool is that?

And even though she’s already adorable, she also has sparkling blue eyes!

And check out how cute she was as a puppy! This is just heartwarming.


So basically what happened was that Mya became an internet sensation soon after the picture below was posted by someone on Reddit. She quickly became popular because people started making references to a specific fire type pokemon and “the real Mozilla Firefox.”

Here are the accurate representations of Mya, and I think everyone is right.



And apart from having the Vulpix appearance, Mya is just like any other dog!

She enjoys spending time at the beach.

And hiking.


And not only that she also loves to swim!


AND to take naps.

A lot of naps.

And did I mention all the goofy and silly faces?

Also, she LOVES to eat watermelon.

So do you love her as much as we do? Then follow her on Instagram.

And what do you think about her sparkling blue eyes and the amazing references? Let us know in the comments below!