Pupper Throws Hilarious Tantrum When He Saw His Dinner Is Missing His Favorite Ingredient

We all know one or two spoiled brats in our lives, may they be humans or furkids.

Some, however, are more spoiled than the norm.

Gregory the doggo certainly elevates the meaning of “pampered pooch.”

This doggo is spoiled to the extent where the thought of eating his kibble without any gravy is equivalent to a two-year-old child’s tantrums.

This begins with Greg’s mum placing his dish down on the ground without the main ingredient. Disappointed, the picky dog dramatically jumps back in anger when he sees his dry dinner.


With the endless whines, barks, and mini tantrums, Gregory’s owner, comedian, Aunt Boo, was heard jokingly scolding him in the background.

“Eat your food,” she says. “You cannot have gravy this time!”

Greg ignores her and continues with his antics.

“Stop cutting up!” Aunt Boo admonishes. “You throwing a doggy tantrum!”


As Greg throws his last tantrum in defeat, Aunt Boo has her final say.

“Well go ahead and be hungry, then. That don’t make no sense. That’s called spoiled.” 

I don’t know about you, Greg, but there are millions of hungry puppers out there who would really appreciate those kibbles!

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