These Puppers Are The High Fashion Models And They Are All Too Professional And Cute To Handle

Calling all avid online shoppers

Neiman Marcus and photographer Elias Weiss Friedman A.K.A @TheDogist have teamed up to create a new catalog that is shamelessly brainwashing us, but I love it so much that I don’t even care. They’ve found the sales point that you just can’t pass up. Are you after new shoes? A handbag? Sports gear? Perhaps just a whole new outfit? No worries, these puppers have you sorted. Or, they’ve got you hypnotized? I don’t care, just get me to the checkout ASAP!

#1. If you want to sell me something, this is how you do it!

#2. Do I need to extend my previous statement?

#3. *Fills shopping cart*

#4. How. Can. You. Say. No. To. Those. Faces!

#5. Lord, give me strength.

#6. If I buy the whole outfit, can I take the little guy for a walk?

#7. Not sure what would be softer, the doggo or those heels?

#8. Just let me throw the ball for him


#10. How could you say no to this smiley boy?

#11. The sweetest face

#12. How is this actually a legal form of marketing???

#13. Pupper model with a mustache. Are they trying to turn me into a pile of goo?

#14. This is just too precious.

#15. *faints*

#16. Even the big woofers are completely mesmerizing

#17. I love the diversity of all the doggos and puppers

#18. Fluffiest model ever

#19. That’s it. I’m buying them and their dogs out!

#20. I have no doubt that this dog is prettier than the model