10+ Reasons Huskies Are Weirdest Dogs Ever And I Want 34 Of Them Now

Let’s be honest. Huskies are definitely something else!

Husky is by far THE weirdest dog breed, and we have proof to back up our claim. We have compiled some pictures of different huskies engaging in their everyday routine doing all the weird/silly things. Basically, we have pictures of huskies being Huskies. And I assure you after checking out these pictures you will agree with us. From Huskies making goofy faces to being good little possessive bois, we have it all. So what are we waiting for then?

Scroll on below and check out the pictures.

Look at that scary/goofy face!


They are highly intelligent. Well, at least sometimes…

And also, sometimes they can be very moody and look a bit like this even after dressing up!

But we can’t ignore that they have the purest heart!

And sometimes, they just look totally amazing!

But that doesn’t change the fact that they make pretty unique faces when taking a nap.


They are always protective and will guard you 24/7.

And they keep on howling like wolves if you don’t do what they want.

Let’s not forget the shedding. (Look how happy they are)

Caution: Be careful with their haircuts. They can end up looking like this.


Don’t be surprised because they sometimes do this too.

They love fitting in small spaces.

And randomly jumping in laps.

But at the end of the day, they’re just lovely goofballs and we can never get tired of them.

So what do you think about these amazing doggies? Do you own a husky? Perhaps you could share something with us that we didn’t. Leave a comment in the box below and share your thoughts with us! Also, check out the rest of our website to see more cool stuff.