13 Hilariously Relatable Dog Grooming Struggles

The struggle is real.

Dogs are amazing creatures. They baffle us with their sweetness, loyalty, loud borks and wet snoots. They’re predictably unpredictable at the best of times and just generally a mess of joyful chaos to have in your life. Not only are dogs chaotic, but they’re also instinctual and stubborn. And when it comes to routine dog care, these aren’t the most comfortable attitudes to bargain with.

I’m sure that I’m not the only dog owner who has googled “How to make your dog sit still for nail trimming” or “How to make your dog STAY in the bath.” Or maybe that is just me?

It’s a struggle trying to make your pooch cooperate with you when he thinks that the hairbrush is definitely a chew toy. And that we should TOTALLY play tug-of-war, instead of just sitting still and letting me get out all his excess fur so that I can stop going outside looking like I’ve attempted to make my own DIY fur coat. Being a dog parent is a wild ride.

#1. Totally regretting this now that you’ve realized just how badly your dog needs a bath, and what that bath entails.



#2. Actually managing to get your dog into the bath, only to have him do this


#3. And after all your hard work, being met with this face of utter disapproval.


#4. We’ve all been here…


#5. Attempting to trim your pup’s nails but he gives you the ol’ razzle-dazzle instead.


#6. Praying to the doggo Gods that you’ll have all your fingers by the end of teeth cleaning duties


#7. Copping some seriously stinky breath in the process


#8. Making it your number one priority to get your dog to the bathtub before he has a chance to jump on the couch after a muddy play


#9. Doing your best to deal with that lovely ‘wet dog’ smell


#10. Trying to convince yourself that you’re not a bad person for up-keeping your pup


#11. Scouring the internet for new and improved tricks to get your doggo to eat his worming pill


#12. Having your mind blown when you take your pup to a dog grooming salon, to find services like “dog facial” on the list of “treatments.”


#13. And forking out the stupid amount of money to treat them anyway, because they deserve it

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