Sad Dog Was Very Grateful And Relieved When A Stranger Stopped By To Help Him

  • By Eva Yong
  • February 1, 2018
  • 3 minutes read

As Laura Forma gazed into her rearview mirror, she noticed a pit bull crossing the street.

However, she could not have pulled over from two factors:

  1. She was driving in the opposite direction.
  2. There were eight other rescue dogs under her wing, in which six were her own and the other two being foster dogs. With another dog to care for would cause things to stir up.
Laura Forma

But this didn’t make Forma hesitate in any way.

An independent dog rescuer residing in Houston, Texas, Forma did a U-turn and went into a strip plaza to wait for the dog.

“I couldn’t find him at first, so I was waiting around. And then he came out in front of some cars, and I called him over to me.”

It was raining and cold at that time.

The dog, now named Thor, walked to her.

Laura Forma

Forna said he ran up to her car and went into the front seat, which meant that he was ready to be rescued.

“He came right up to me, and he smelled me and just jumped into the car. I never really believed that a dog would do that, but I guess it’s something you don’t believe until you see it.”

Even though Thor had a rope tied around his neck like a collar, but there were no tags or other items to identify the poor dog. Thor’s big, sad eyes told Forma that he had been through a lot.

Laura Forma

Forma could tell that he was very broken and that the dog had some scars on his face.

Forma didn’t want to put Thor in a shelter as there was an estimation of stray dogs overloading shelters in Houston. With Thor being a pit bull, there was a lesser chance of Thor being adopted in comparison to other dogs at the shelter.

So, she decided the right thing to do was to take him back home, and to her surprise, he settled in quickly.

Laura Forma

“He doesn’t do anything wrong. I made a pallet for him in my spare room, and he just lies there all day. He doesn’t make any noises, he doesn’t chew anything up. He’s really grateful.”

Laura Forma

Forma is sure Thor used to have a home too as he was house-trained. She added, “But he’s really quiet and friendly. He’s met my dogs through a baby gate, and he does not react to them.”

Forma also can’t get enough of how caring Thor is.

Laura Forma

“He just looks at you with those sad eyes and paws at you to rub him. It’s really sweet. Even though he’s been through a lot, he’s still able to love, and that’s amazing.”

Soon enough, Forma grew very attached to Thor, but she knew that the best thing for him was to let him live with a rescue group. She then made arrangements for Thor to stay with Three Little Pitties, a new rescue group located in Houston, and was within the group’s communicating grid.

Laura Forma

Forma was glad she decided to turn around.

“Sometimes there’s that pulling urge that makes you return to them. He’s a really good dog, and he’ll make someone happy.”


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