Despite Being Sick This Shiba Inu Doggo Who Never Stops Smiling Will Lighten Up Your Mood

  • By Silas
  • February 22, 2018
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Smiling in the face of disaster is not something that everyone can do. It takes great courage and endurance to stay happy despite going through hardships. Cinnamon, a Shiba Inu, doesn’t have an easy life. This 11-year-old doggo lives with her parents, Andrew Bua and Ashley Kroop, in New York City. She suffers from Glaucoma and Cushing’s disease. Her condition causes excessive lethargy and hair fall.

In spite of these challenges, Cinnamon remains happy and chirpy. Her great attitude has inspired the title, “The Happiest Dog in the World,” and she holds it.

Her grins can brighten up the darkest of your days!

“She’s super-friendly and super-affectionate,” Ashley Kroop told ABC News. “She’s the best dog I’ve ever known.”

“When she first started living with me I thought she was the cutest dog and always had her smile on and it just seemed like a natural fit for the world to see her smile,” Ashley added.

Cinnamon’s parents have decided to include her in their wedding in July. She’ll be the happiest flower girl in the world!

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Via: Women’s Day the US

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