6 Signs That Your Dog Is Actually Your Firstborn

Getting a dog is a big step in your life.

You become responsible for the actions of another individual, and you have to make sure they’re fed, bathed, and don’t poop all over the place. Sound familiar? Well, that’s because they are the exact same responsibilities that you face when you become a parent.

But in this case, there are a few signs you need to be on the lookout for if you’ve become a pawrent.

#1 The comfort of your pooch is more important to you than your own.

#2 Your dog isn’t your dog, he/she’s your son/daughter.

#3 You’re scrambling around to make your house dog-proof, and always on the lookout for what they’re doing.

#4 Your pooch has a better diet than you do.

#5 Your camera reel is just endless pictures of your dog.

#6 Your social life is pup exclusive.

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