10 Hilarious Signs You’re THAT Dog Parent

I don’t know about you, but I am not ready for a human child.

Dog children, however, I can manage. As many as possible. I’m sure many of you can relate since dogs fill that hole in our hearts and bring happiness in our lives.

Artist Rupert Fawcett can relate, as he is the creator of the comic series “Off the Leash” which is only associated with dogs.

“I get my Off The Leash ideas from knowing dogs’ characters well and using my imagination and also observing other people’s dogs,” Fawcett told iHeartDogs.com.

He is also planning to release a comic series for cats, inspired by his two Burmese cats Lulu and Percy. “My plan is for a cat book next year a ‘Doggy Doddles’ book which will be published next June,” he says.

But let’s start with the dog comics for now. Here are ten hilarious signs you’re THAT dog parent:

Source: Rupert Fawcett | Facebook

#1 Your dogs are your best friends and therapists.

#2 You wear dog hair proudly.

#3 You feel guilty for leaving them alone.

#4 You’ll do anything to make them happy.

#5 They always come first.

#6 You’re fair with all of them.

#7 They take up most of your bed.

#8 Your schedule is according to your dogs.

#9 You probably end up sitting on the floor.

#10 There are no rules.


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