Finally, a Solution to Your Doggo’s Fur Shedding Spree with the Shed Defender

Shedding is a massively irritating problem. Ask dog parents, and they would always confirm this fact.

While other people made their peace with it, Tyson Walters set out on a mission to find a solution in 2011, when his St. Bernard, Harley, was “shedding everywhere and there was no way to contain it.” He explains further on his website, “There were tumbleweeds of hair in my car and all over my apartment. I tried every product on the market, and nothing worked so I decided to come up with something completely different.”


Introducing the Shed Defender

The Shed Defender is a fashionable, leotard-onesie, and the brain-child of Walters. It effectively contains the shedding fur of your dog. This latex onesie comes in plenty of color choices and keeps your car, couch, carpet, and every other place your dog visits, hair-free.

Shed Defender onesies keep your cute dog safe from allergies and scurfs. Your furry friend also feels more relaxed and calm as it helps “reduce anxiety and stop the constant barking” with its “calming effect once put on.”

You can also take your doggos on trips outdoors without worrying about the ticks, burrs, and bugs that settle in the fur. These leotards are warm and cozy, so your dog stays happy in the winters too.

As mentioned on its Amazon page, the Shed Defender leotards can also replace the awkward cones that dogs have to wear after surgery. It can cover stitches and wounds. However, you should consult your vet about it before buying it for your injured dog.

The stretchable and eco-friendly dog suit comes with a zip for those quick potty breaks too. It is going to begin a new trend in the dog fashion world pretty soon.


The “Paw It Forward” Program

This leotard can be yours for a meager $40, and it is worth that much to dress up your cutie-pie for a photo session. Choose the color that suits your dog the best, and you’re ready to go.

The company also runs a charitable program called, “Paw It Forward,” wherein they donate a part of their sales to organizations that work for animal rescue, protection, shelter, and adoption. As a family business, it is “committed to supporting animals who need a little extra love.”

What Else Can You Do to Tackle Fur Shedding?

As a pet owner, you know that the Shed Defender can work wonders but still, you need to prepare yourself by learning about other ways to combat stray fur.

FURminator: This is how you can attend the problem at its root before it begins.

Amazon: $15

Grooming Glove: Remove the loose fur from your pet while petting them. Plus, it also helps you collect fur stuck on your furniture.


Amazon: $13

Fur-Zoff Pet Hair Remover: When vacuuming does not clean your carpet of fur, this product promises to complete the job.

Amazon: $10

Reusable Lint Roller: The regular lint roller with a twist to collect dog fur.


Amazon: $15

Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum: It reaches the corners and spaces your bigger vacuum cleaner cannot and sucks in all the fur it finds.


Amazon: $29

Dish Gloves: Regular dish gloves can help you collect dog fur from your carpets.


Amazon: $8

Arm yourself with these tools and the Shed Defender to keep your house free of fur during the shedding season!

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