The Heartwarming Tale of a Little Girl and Her Service Dog That Will Move You to Tears

  • By Silas
  • December 24, 2017
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In another show of selfless dog love, George, the Great Dane, has helped a little girl named Bella to get back on her feet again. When the news reached BarkPost, they immediately realized that he deserved a “Dog’s Best Day” and more.

Bella suffers from a rare progressive disorder called Morquio Syndrome. Among many other problems that she faces, the biggest is her restricted mobility.

Her mother, Helen, wondered if a service animal could provide Bella with some help and comfort. Bella was volunteering at Service Dog Project, Inc. when she fell in love with George. They became best friends instantly.


This inseparable pair has braved all that has come their way. Bella believes that she needs George as much as he needs her.

Bella wanted to show her love for George and what’s a better way than to throw him a “Dog’s Best Day” together with BarkPost!

Watch this moving video of how Bella met George and how he has changed her life. Don’t forget to share their delightful story with your family and friends!


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