This Twitter Account Posts Things Similar To Doggos To Heccin’ Bamboozle You

If you didn’t like Twitter before, you will now.

If you’re not on Twitter for the quick-witted posts or sassy celebrity comebacks, then you’ve got to be following for the needle-in-a-haystack type posts like these from @teenybiscuit (hooman name: Karen Zack).

Back in March 2016, Zack made a post asking the people of Twitter a very important question – Labradoodles or fried chicken – accompanied by a collage of pictures she’d put together.

And so these Doggo Memes were born.

Zack continued to bamboozle us with her optical illusions just a few days later with – Puppy or bagel?

While you’re in the zone – Sheepdogs or mops?

Oh, wait. Are these Shibas or marshmallows?

These look like so much fun, right? Who wouldn’t want to try to make their own dog-or-not memes? Well, that’s exactly what Twitter users did in response to Zack’s collages!

Shar peis or towels?

Since then, these dog exclusive memes have branched out into the rest of the animal world to create goodies such as:

Sloth or Pain au chocolat?

Kitten or ice cream?

And my personal favourite (non-dog favourite, of course.)

Parrot or guacamole?

These are the questions that keep me awake at night.

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