10+ Tweets for Those Who Prefer Doggos Over People

  • By Eva Yong
  • January 20, 2018
  • 2 minutes read

In today’s world, there’s plenty of us who seriously prefer hanging out with our doggos than our friends.

Don’t believe me?

Well, a picture (and tweet) speaks a thousand words, and they really do.

Scroll down to see what parents have shared on Twittersphere about their little furkids.

Source: Buzzfeed

#1 Who says no to birthdays anyway?

#2 Dogs deserve a seat on the bus too!

#3 Where’re your eyes at?

#4 Why y’all flipping at me when I didn’t do anything wrong?

#5 Another reason why we prefer talking to doggos

#6 Proof that doggos are nicer than hoomans

#7 All songs should be about dogs, really

#8 Pawfect for doggo gamers!

#9 What historical figure?

#10 If you can’t have a doggo, create one

#11 The show definitely must go on!

#12 Don’t we all agree on this?


#13 Hold up one sec

#14 My job scope also includes taking cute pictures of my doggo

#15 Dogs’ lives matter too!

#16 “Shotgun seat for doggos only!”

#17 It all boils down to what the doggo thinks


#18 Bring on all the BDSMs!

#19 Date the hooman to get the doggo

#20 Guess who’s the photogenic one?

#21 Where them doggos at?

#22 Isn’t that the most adorable baby?

#23 Who says you need dogs to go to the dog park?

#24 Will provide endless pets to your dog forever

#25 “Would you do the same for me, too?”

#26 Definitely

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