UPS Drivers Have A Facebook Group Where They Post About Dogs They Meet On Their Way & It’s Most Wholesome Thing Ever

  • By Asad Tipu
  • October 22, 2017
  • 4 minutes read

If you’re in the postal service, odds are that you’ve come across a furry canine of your customer.

While the media likes to portray dog and couriers as archenemies, that’s not really the case. The furry canines are friendly and eager, and a large bright part of a postal serviceman’s day is meeting and greeting his favourite pups.

UPS driver Sean McCarren started a Facebook group five years ago dedicated to the pictures and posts of their customer’s friendly pets. They’ll all make your heart melt.

This is Sean McCarren. He currently moderates the group.

It’s a network full of glorious furry puppers.

The drivers have complicated treat based transactions with them too.

They’re all eager to meet them and it’s adorable to see.

Even though he’s blind, he’s full of love.

Look how eager they are!


Everyone’s making friends.

And the furbabies are all too happy to accompany them.

They often wait right outside their vans.

Jax is a hot mess!

The drivers look forward to meeting them, and often arrange it!

Buddy makes this guy’s day!

He wants treats.

Have you ever seen such purity?

She knows she’s going to get some treats.

It was completely worth it.

They even give the cats some love.

And the dogs love you, UPS driver.

Basically, this page has stolen everyone’s hearts.

The comments are flooded with people overwhelmed with emotion.

They even refer to them as their own.

Always come bearing treats.

Being a courier rocks.

Never know when you’re going to need another treat.

Freddy and his tennis ball.

The best part is that the dogs love them back.


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